About Us

Certification in proven coaching methods

  • We are certified as Master Corporate Coaches. This is the highest level that the coaching profession recognizes.

■ Experience coaching in similar setting

  • We are experienced in coaching all levels of the corporate ladder.

■ Executive experience working in F’1000 organizations

  • Our experience includes industries such as: finance, consumer products, technology, housing, energy, academia, various nonprofits, communications, entertainment, medical, pharmaceuticals, and more.

■ Clear methodologies

  • Our methodologies come from the business and coaching world—”business based behavior coaching™” this is combined with our “choice/outcome/ results” methodology.

■ Background in business

  • Internal executive experience with Fortune 1000 organizations responsible for influencing revenue.


  • Over 20 years’ experience as a corporate executive coach and in career/outplacement coaching.

■ Status as thought leader

  • Founded the Association of Corporate Executive Coaches

■ Executive Coaching Specialties

  • Executive Post Traumatic Stress Disorder™
  • Cognitive listening
  • Team & leadership coaching
  • Executive presentation
  • Knowledge transfer
  • Performance evaluation
  • Shadowing

■ Profession Management

  • Executive transition
  • Brand management
  • Executive marketing plans
  • Exit strategies
  • Promotion strategies