The Process

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Our coaching process is designed to deliver results.

  • Scope for Appropriate Engagement

Is the need clear? Are alternative solutions possible? Is there commitment by the organization/manager to support the coaching? Are there issues beyond coaching that need to be addressed?

  •   Determine Outcomes

We clarify expectations, roles and objectives with all stakeholders (the client, the client’s manager, the HR business partner and the coach).

  • Gather Information

We gather and assess information about the client’s current leadership behavior and potential, challenges, communication style/skills, work/life values, ambitions and personal values, as appropriate.

  • Create and Implement a Developmental Strategy

Working together, we establish a tailored action plan designed to identify strengths, development areas, leverage points and desired leadership behavior.

  • Measure Results

We track success by completion of the action plan and, more importantly, by observable behavior change.

  • Close the Coaching Process

Establish the overall effectiveness of the process & success of the intervention. Ensure ongoing sustainability of the progress made.




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