Case #3

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The Client: Financial Services Firm

The Issue:

A dysfunctional team charged with the task of examining and recommending to the CEO a plan to change their informational technology processes to increase firm wide efficiencies.

The Method:

1. To understand the expected outcome, delivery method and timeline via interviews with the internal clients.

2. To perform a SWAT analysis by interviewing from top down .

3. To understand the damage and to assess the extent of  damage already created through competitive analysis.

4. To hypothesize each persons contribution to the team as it currently exist via 1 on 1 interviews and assessment tests.

5. To help team members understand “self.” via assessment tools.

6. To help team members appreciate gifts differing among teammates via use of TQM tools and group dynamics.

7. To support team members in identifying new roles and responsibilities based on strengths and interest via by using group dynamics and team building.