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“According to the people who make a living at it, executive branding is rampant. With C.E.O.’s more high-profile than ever—due to shareholder pressures and media attention—making a “brand” of the person at the top of a company can be as important as hitting the firm’s quarterly numbers. Only, very few C.E.O.’s will talk about it.” ……..A Brand Called C.E.O. Adam Piore Apr 03 2008.

We work with clients to develop a complete 360° approach to executive branding. This includes areas such as:

1. Executive Presence

We partner with our client to support their aspirational goals to change nine dimensions of their executive presence.



The expression of motivation, drive, and engagement that convinces  others you are committed to what you are saying and doing.    


A look of sophistication and unflappability that creates the impression you are comfortable in your surroundings and able to handle adversity.    

Self Confidence:

The air of optimism and assurance that convinces others you have the required strength, resources, and resolve to initiate and to lead.



The appearance of being interested in truth and honesty, with a willingness to accept and engage the world as it is, not as you would like it to be.    


The ability to create your story and tell it in an intuitively clear and compelling way. 


The willingness to consider other points of view without prejudging them.



The projection of thoughtfulness when dealing with others that conveys an interest in them and the relationship.    


The conviction of believing in and meaning what you say.    


The appearance of being accessible to others, physically and emotionally.


2. Social Networking

Aggressive reputation management for your social networking sites is meant to put out a fire. However, reputation maintenance is meant to prevent a fire. The truth is it is impossible to prevent the appearance of negative comments on page 1 of Google, but it is possible to minimize its effect by limiting its staying power. We do this by maintaining your online reputation as a matter of routine rather than crisis management.

Remember that bad news or publicity seems to travel at light speed while good news takes the scenic route. Bad publicity resulting in bad reputation can derail your career, by undoing your hard work. Maintaining your personal or business reputation online requires a level of awareness, responsiveness and diligence that many may not be aware of until it is to late.


3. Marketing Plans

Our clients know that a career marketing plan is a critical component to employment strategy. It is the foundation for managing your own career and your success. We include seven critical sections for our marketing plans.

  • Price – money
  • Product – you
  • Promotion – advertising
  • Placement – location
  • People – network
  • Physical Environment – culture
  • Process – value-added
  • Packaging – appearance


4. Internet Presence

  •        Blog
  •        Website
  •        Webinars
  •        Podcast
  •        Networking


5. Printed Material

  • Business Cards
  • Brochures
  • Press Kit


6. Total Package

Executive Presence