Case Study #2

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The Client: A Financial Services Senior Executive – Re-branding

The Need:

A highly skilled member of an organization at the Director level was not being recognized for a slot at Managing Director level, this after 20 years of successive promotions as a leader in her company. The result was a significant decrease in her self confidence.


With executive coaching she was able to understand that while she was a top producer with strong global accomplishments, she nevertheless was missing the correct visual branding in order to be considered for the next slot at her current company. Her image was out of synch with the evolving corporate culture. The new culture mandated that she either have a graduate degree from a pedigreed school, and/or that she needed to visually project herself as if she already fit the role she aspired to–managing director.

The Result:

After coaching corrected her visual brand, her confidence was restored and she was able to use her accomplishments and skills to reach her desired goal.