How to Select a Coach

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Finding the right executive or career coach for your needs and personality can be a daunting task, it is critical to find someone qualified to address your needs. Here are seven tips to consider to ensure that your coach is qualified:

1. Experience
About 85% of certified executive and career coaches actually have little to no industry experience in the corporate world and/or have been trained in life coaching. At Executive Leadership, LLC each coach has had experience for revenue growth in the corporate, nonprofit, and academic sectors. Ms. Bowman has served at the executive level in the corporate world and as a professor in the academic world. She is certified to serve on corporate and nonprofit boards and has served on municipal and nonprofit boards.

2. Contracts
“Buyer, beware!” You should be free to stop paying at any point; therefore, paying at the end of each meeting is the best arrangement. However, if you are working with a coach long distance, such as by Skype, telephone or the internet, it is perfectly appropriate for a coach to ask for a retainer or pre-payment. At Executive Leadership, LLC our work speaks for itself; therefore, we don’t require long-term contracts. You pay at the end of each meeting and you determine when you want to meet with us again. However, we offer discounts for those seeking longer term support.

3. Goals
At Executive Leadership, LLC we are certified in several types of instruments including career selection,  personality assessment, behavioral characteristics and leadership capabilities.

4. Fees
Executive Leadership, LLC charges on an hourly basis, and we let our clients determine the number of times they want to meet with us. Many of our clients who have worked with us for only a few sessions  have experienced great benefits. Others have seen extraordinary results by working with us over the longer term, moving from career transition coaching to executive coaching. We don’t pressure you to make decisions about how many times or for how long you want to use our services by asking you to sign binding contracts.

5. Resumes
We do not recommend that you use a service that will write your entire resume for you. A coach should help you write your resume by focusing on your successes and experience, rather than writing your entire resume for you. If someone else writes your resume for you, you run the risk of having difficulty succeeding in interviews when you’re asked about your background, specific accomplishments, or the capabilities listed on your resume. At Executive Leadership, LLC  we have a unique technique for helping our clients build their resume. It incorporates preparing them for difficult interviews. As a result our clients have seen a great deal of success in both areas.

6. Job Leads
Executive and career coaches are not recruiters—recruiting is a totally different field—so be cautious of coaches and counselors who promise to get job leads for you. Executive Leadership, LLC is not a recruiting firm. We will work with you to teach you how too optimize and increase your contacts in order to improve your chances for success.

7. Overnight Results
required assignments and to being open and honest with your counselor. It is not an overnight process. The speed and quality with which you move forward and the quality of your results will greatly depend on your commitment to doing the work required. We at Executive Leadership, LLC are here to support you in reaching your personal career goals and we recognize the importance of working with you as a team.





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