NEW LOGO ELLC LARGE _jExecutive Coaching-Organizations

  • Increased effectiveness and retention of key leaders – especially during economic uncertainty and challenging business conditions
  • Improved business results
  • Increase the capacity of leaders to handle more complex responsibilities
  • Increase teams’ energy and motivation, and enhance creativity devoted to profit generating activities.
  • Various expenses can be decreased, such as a reduction in legal expenses incurred by avoidable conflicts, a decrease in recruitment and training costs due to reduced staff turnover, and a decrease in health care benefits/absenteeism.
  • Increased resiliency in a dynamic economic environment
  • Improve the capacity of high potential people to assume greater and more complex responsibilities.

Executive Coaching-Individuals

    • Identify executive strengths and development needs
    • Leverage existing strengths and improve performance
    • Create an Executive Strategy with an Action Plan and Accountability to help them stay on track
    • Adopt and/or reinforce executive leadership competencies crucial to the organization’s culture
    • Positive and sustainable behavior changes
    • Develop leadership skills and practices, learn coaching skills they can implement
    • Enhanced career planning and development with an action-oriented plan
    • Create greater work/life balance
    • Get regular ongoing feedback and support through ongoing executive coaching that assures professional growth
    • Your coach is not tied to your organization, your friends, or anyone else

    Executive Branding

    • Increases self-awareness. You develop a deeper self-understanding about what constitutes your unique value, which helps optimize your strengths.
    • Clarifies your goals. You become focused on what to achieve and what goals you must set to get there.
    • Creates visibility and presence. Once you know what is unique and compelling about you, you can use that information to communicate to your target audience.
    • Differentiation. You gain the ability to differentiate yourself from everyone else who has your job title.
    • More control. Your personal brand puts you in control of your career, the projects you work on, and how you want to deliver services.
    • Creates wealth. Strong brands charge a premium for their products and services, and differentiated job seekers who know their value can command higher salaries.
    • Staying power. Strong brands are successful despite challenges and downturns in the economy because they stand for something unique and are differentiated.

    Career Management

    • Manage you fear and uncertainty
    • Leverage your strengths
    • Improve decision-making
    • Avoid repeating mistakes
    • Gain a competitive advantage
    • Improve performance and get results
    • Achieve success and empowerment
    • Develop a road-map to achieve your career aspirations
    • Strategize & create options
    • Explore roadblocks
    • Hire a “Sounding Board”

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