Case Study #1

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Client: Major Not for Profit Organization – Behavior Change:



The Need:

A valuable employee with a skill set critical to handling national crises, (one that matched the organizations mission) was being considered for advancement. However, his new role would place him in a segment of the organization which was not focused on national crisis’s but rather on national well-being.  He also had developed a troubling reputation for how he managed his staff —which had been adversely affected by his overly friendly yet controlling management style. How he related to his peers was also in question. His leadership style was of great concern to the “C-suite.”

The Method:

Through interviews that resulted in gaining his trust, it became apparent that certain markers in his childhood were the cause in his current behavior. Through the use of assessment tools he was able to understand the effects of his behavior on the morale of his staff, he was able to recognize his leadership competencies and potential. Further he was able to understand how he was the distancing his peers and the questions the C-suite had about hie leadership skills.

By exploring his personality type, and the feedback from his 360° leadership assessment he was quickly able to understood that he had not only has the abilities, and skills but he also had the interest in being promoted from a manager to a leader in his company.

The Result:

Strategies were developed based on his capacity for change and his manager’s willingness to accept the changes. Six months later, there was identifiable improvement. His director quipped  “he has set a new gold standard for the organization.” Employees were raising their hand to be in his department and his peers identified him as the leader among themselves.